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What is Correct Score betting? How much does Correct Score 1 pay at online betting sites?

For those who love online football betting, the term Correct Score betting must be familiar, right? But for newcomers stepping into the world of betting, there are still many uncertainties about what Correct Score betting is or how much Correct Score 1 pays. Therefore, in the following article, let's delve deeper into this topic with the leading betting site - bet win tips.

Correct Score betting

What is Correct Score betting? How much does Correct Score 1 pay?

Explanation of the term Correct Score in football betting?

Correct Score betting, also known more commonly as predicting the score, is a form of betting on the result that you believe the football match will end with. This type of bet is simple, easy to understand, and therefore suitable for most novice players.

Correct Score bets require players to predict and bet on the final result of the match accurately within the 90 minutes of play. Your task is simply to guess the correct final score of the match you placed a bet on to win. Conversely, if your prediction is incorrect, you will lose the bet and forfeit the entire amount you placed beforehand.

In reality, not every player can predict the outcome of a football match that has not yet taken place. Even if the match is rigged, it's still difficult to arrange the score. Therefore, to win from Correct Score bets, players need to gather as much information related to the match as possible.

For example, the current condition of both teams regarding fitness, starting lineup, form, playing field, and even the weather... Experts will rely on this information to analyze and make predictions with a winning rate of 65%.

How much does Correct Score 1 pay when winning at reputable online betting sites?

How much Correct Score 1 pays at reputable betting sites is a common question for many players. For Correct Score 1 bets, the amount of reward the player receives will depend heavily on the result they bet on. The more unlikely the score, the bigger the winnings for Correct Score 1.

To understand more about this odds ratio, let's take a closer look through the following example:

For instance, in a match between Russia vs Finland teams:

If the player bets on the match score being 1-0, with odds of 1 to 4.8 -> The amount of winnings received = 4.8 x the amount of bet placed.

If the player bets on the score being 0-2 for the entire match with odds of 1 to 6 -> The amount of winnings received = 6 x the amount of bet placed.

How to calculate winning money when betting on the final score

Effective betting experience for novice players in Correct Score football betting

In football betting, the Correct Score bet has a relatively low winning rate, and many matches have results that are not within the possibilities provided by bookmakers online. Therefore, many players often bet on Correct Score for entertainment and to test their luck, rather than as a popular betting type among bettors.

Usually, the odds ratio for Correct Score betting will vary, depending largely on the bookmakers offering the odds. Therefore, to receive favorable odds, you should consider which bookmakers offer higher odds and choose to bet there.

Effective Correct Score betting tips

According to the experience of reputable sport betting sites greece - wintips, Correct Score betting offers attractive odds for winning money, but it's not easy to win at all. Therefore, to increase your chances of winning when playing this type of bet, you should choose multiple scores in the same match and have equal stakes, at least from 3-4 bets.

In addition, players can also analyze the possible scores based on information about form, historical statistics of the teams.


If both teams participating in the match have a low goal-scoring ability and a solid defense, the final score will often fall into cases like 0-0, 0-1, 1-0, 2-0, or 1-1.

In cases where both teams have relatively strong attacks and the head-to-head history often sees many goals, the final score will fall into cases like 2-2, 3-1, 3-2, 2-3.

For knockout matches of a major tournament such as the Champions League, Europa League, or finals, the number of goals will be quite scarce due to its importance, such as 1-1, 1-0, 0-1, 2-1, 1-2.

Through this article, wintips has introduced you to the details of how to play Correct Score betting and the issue of how much Correct Score 1 pays. Hopefully, this article will help you understand more about this type of betting and know how much you will win when you predict the correct score. Good luck!


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